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Stained and Leaded glass windows serve a much greater function than merely a decorative addition to a room. Accent Art Glass is a professional friendly company with many years of experience in the craft of working with stained glass and leaded light windows.

New Builds

One of our passions at Accent Art Glass is working with a client to create a new piece. We work with home-owners, home-builders, carpenters, restaurants, museums, churches and anyone else in need of stained glass.


Accent Art Glass has years of experience taking old and damaged stained glass pieces and restoring them back to their original luster. We will work with you to find the right type of glass to replace any damaged glass that needs repair.


Accent Art Glass offers classes for adults of all skill levels! If you are just starting, we have classes available that included everything you need to complete your first stained glass project. If you have more experience and are looking for a way to advance your skills, we’re also the place for you.


Accent Art Glass strives to create beautiful work in a timely and professional manner. We will work with you to repair or create a new piece of artwork that can become a centerpiece or accent to your home or business. Here are a few examples of work we have completed.

Welcome to Accent Art Glass

We provide a broad range of services of traditional and contemporary stained glass. We offer solutions for your project utilizing creativity and craftsmanship. All work is performed to the highest standards and can be performed on site or in our workshops. Restoring a window brings it back to its original condition. Repairing solves a specific problem, such as a broken piece. Windows over 15 years old often require restoration. Expert craftsmanship is necessary for both restoration and repair. Inexperienced work can harm and even destroy the window. Repairing a window in place is not recommended. Accent Art Glass craftsmen have restored and repaired thousands of Stained Glass Windows and Doors .This site contains many images and information that will help you with your Stained Glass art adventure.